Our excursions and routes

Gnowee, in addition to offering an efficient boat rental and sales service, organizes suggestive and wonderful excursions under the banner of the discovery of nature, between the Grado lagoon and the gulf of Trieste.

Also choose from our itineraries to discover the coast, the Isonzo and the Canals of Grado. The discovery of unforgettable places is the basis of all our itineraries, which are able to offer unparalleled views, which will remain in the hearts and minds of adults and children.

Get on board our boats and entrust yourself to our collaborators for a magical journey made of history, uncontaminated landscapes and art. Also let yourself be caressed by the sea breeze and radiated by the rays of the sun that break into the blue of the sea. Enjoy the excursion abandoning yourself to total relaxation, in a world of peace and well-being.

The rate applied will be: rental + driver + fuel consumption. In order to be able to give a good service, reservations are recommended. For your safety, the captain can decide to modify or cancel the excursion in the event of weather conditions that are not favorable to navigation.

Excursions with skipper

Choose from our itineraries to discover the coast, the Isonzo and the Grado channels.

4-hour itineraries:

A route to admire the coastline, make a brief stop in Trieste in Piazza Unità and go up along the Isonzo river mouths.

A sailing to shallow waters, going back up the Isonzo river for a while, stopping in Trieste in Piazza Unità and enjoying an overview of the coast.

Daily itineraries:

The itinerary to admire the coast, go to a navigation that will take you to observe the flora and fauna along the canals of the Grado Lagoon, and then continue in the open sea to Trieste, returning to appreciate the Miramare Castle and the coastline.

The itinerary to admire the coastline and then continue towards the Sanctuary of Barbana and get to Grado through the channels.

Fishing zones

Gnowee knows all the best spots where to fish between the Grado Lagoon and the Gulf of Trieste. Come fishing with us!

Travel times

Fisherman’s Village ______Point 1 – 10 Min.
Fisherman’s Village ______Point 2 – 15 Min.
Fisherman’s Village ______Point 3 – 20/25 Min.
Fisherman’s Village ______Point 4 – 30 / 35Min.
Fisherman’s Village ______Point 5 – 15 Min.
Fisherman’s Village ______Point 6 – 10/15 Min.
Fisherman’s Village ______Point 7 – 40 Min.

Fishing points recommended in the various periods of the year:

March and October:
From Point 1 to Point 2 – Squid and cuttlefish leeway
From Point 2 to Point 3 – Trolling squid
Point 4 – Squid and cuttlefish in leeway

Point 5 – Seabream
Point 3 – Glance / Seabream

From May to September:
Point 6 – Trolling leccia
Point 6 Point 5 Point 4 – Croaker / Seabream

May and October:
Point 3 Point 7 – Mackerel

Point 5 point 4 – Mormora
Point 3 – Boga / Glance / Sea Bream / Pagello

Point 4 Point 5 Point 6 – Seabream