4-hour itinerary

A sailing to shallow waters, going back up the Isonzo river for a while, stopping in Trieste in Piazza Unità and enjoying an overview of the coast.

4-hour itinerary

4-hour itinerary


1. departure from Monfalcone
2. Duino (Castello Dama bianca Falesie Scoglio di Dante)
3. Punta Sdobba
4. Isonzo River
5. Trieste center
6. Grignano Miramare
7. Santa Croce
8. Aurisina
9. Canovella Degli Zoppoli
10. Costa Dei Barbari PortoPiccolo Sistiana
11. Duino (Scoglio di Dante Falesie White Lady Castle)

The itinerary described by these points is a navigation towards shallow waters, going back for a while the river Isonzo, Trieste Piazza Unità and a panoramic view of the coast.

Point 1 Exit the canal by navigating inside the red and green poles maintaining a speed that does not create waves

Point 2 Duino Nature Reserve maintain a distance of 500 meters from the coast, the reserve is bordered by a yellow buoy the delimitation is up to the port of Sistiana.

From point 3 Punta Sdobba shallow and sandy bottom keep a moderate speed, the echo sounder will allow you to control the depth of the sea. Attention to a lower height you have 60/70 cm. of water raise the foot with the electric button trim placed on the side of the throttle

Point 4 enter the river Isonzo not from the mouth but navigating inside the bricole (poles) red and green maintain a speed that does not create waves. You can admire the swans counties and the Isola Della Cona nature reserve.

Point 5 Trieste Piazza Unità. Mooring compulsory in Marina San Giusto for a fee, it is strictly forbidden to dock at the Molo Audace.

Point 6 Miramare WWF Nature Reserve remain outside the yellow buoys, the whole area is well marked, it is forbidden to navigate inside.

From point 7 to point 10 navigation allowed keeping a distance from the coast above 100 meters.

Point 11 After the port of Sistiana maintain a distance of 500 meters from the coast, legislation to protect the Crags Reserve bounded by a yellow buoy, this delimitation is up to the port of Duino.