Choose between 2 hours, 4 hours or a full day itinerary to discover the Amalfi Coast, the Isonzo and the canals of Grado.



A route to admire the coastline, make a brief stop in Trieste in Piazza Unità and go up along the Isonzo river mouths.
A sailing to shallow waters, going back up the Isonzo river for a while, stopping in Trieste in Piazza Unità and enjoying an overview of the coast.



The itinerary to admire the coast, go to a navigation that will take you to observe the flora and fauna along the canals of the Grado Lagoon, and then continue in the open sea to Trieste, returning to appreciate the Miramare Castle and the coastline.
A boat to admire the coast up to Trieste, Muggia and then continue to the nearby Slovenia (Piran)
The itinerary to admire the coastline and then continue towards the Sanctuary of Barbana and get to Grado through the channels.


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