Trieste charter boats

Rent your boat in Trieste, get on board, get behind the wheel and enjoy your day of total relaxation among the unspoiled nature and all the beauties of the Gulf of Trieste.

You can choose the boat you prefer, including rafts and boats that can accommodate up to 8-10 people.

Don’t worry if you have no driving experience: there will be a 20/25 minute lesson in which our qualified staff will explain all the navigation maneuvers that you may need during your excursion!

Why choose a rental boat in Trieste Gnowee

For 10 years we have been offering a Trieste boat rental service: all our boats are new, clean and with a complete set of accessories.

We offer you the complete package:

  • different boat rental plans: seasonal, weekly, monthly, bimonthly or quarterly;
  • free parking, toilet, shower, swimming pool, bar and restaurant at the mooring point;
  • daily or 4-hour boat excursions, organized by the Gnowee team, from the Grado lagoon to Piazza Unità in Trieste.

Places to see in the Gulf of Trieste

With an extension of 550 km², the Gulf of Trieste embraces the most beautiful nature reserves of Friuli Venezia Giulia, from the mouth of the Isonzo to the cliffs of Duino and the marine nature reserve on which the historic Miramare Castle stands out.

Rent your boat and enjoy breathtaking places in the Gulf of Trieste!

noleggio barche trieste

The Gulf of Trieste in Slovenia

From the international port of Koper to the medieval city of Koper, the Slovenian coast of the Gulf of Trieste offers a wide range of natural and unspoiled environments.

From Izola, a historic Venetian-style village, to the Strunjan Park, with cliffs that reach 80 meters in height, skirting the bay you arrive on the Slovenian coast with the typical seaside towns such as Piran and Portoroz.

Adriatic Sea and Gulf of Trieste

Start your journey from the bay of Duino, an intimate and cozy place, painted by charming villas and typical fish restaurants.

Then continue towards Sistiana, where you can admire the natural reserve of the Duino cliffs, a protected area of ​​80 meters overlooking the sea.

Walk along the characteristic clear and lonely beaches towards Trieste, where you will be fascinated by the beauty of Miramare Castle, a 19th century princely residence with a 22 hectare park.

You can then get off the boat and enjoy your relaxation on the beaches of Sistiana and in the immersive silence of Portopiccolo, where modern-style alleys and squares will give you a unique and immersive experience.